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Well guys, it's been a while since I've done game reviews. As some of you know I used to be a game reviewer for and then I worked for GamePlay HD doing game reviews as well. I was the rhythm game specialist for both companies and now I'm back writing game reviews but going solo this time. :D

I received an email asking to review a new game that's coming out this Thursday. The game: Suguri. It's a game straight from Tokyo, Japan. It's hard for me to really say much about the game right now since all that I've read is in Japanese text and little gameplay.

From what I gather this has both single player and multiplayer abilities. Single player mode looks like it functions kind of like BlazBlue as far as health/barrier are concerned but you fly through levels able to move full screen as if you are a ship destroying other ships/ characters.

The Multiplayer function looks almost exactly like BlazBlue as far as health meter/ barrier/ heat goes but with the exception of having the ability to move around the entire screen in any direction since you are flying in the sky and the fact that you, again, are more like a ship that can spew out lasers, missiles, bombs, etc. Some matches I've seen are VERY confusing and I noticed your counter is determined by health damage not combos like other games. This game is VERY fast passed. I hope it's easy to learn!

I'll be attending the Rockin Android "Suguri" release party this Thursday to see the game first hand and give it a review. I will also be video taping and taking pics at the event to post. :D I'm pretty excited to see how this game works first hand! Stay tuned for more info!


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