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Here's what I was up to the other day when I was online. I am mostly going back and trying to complete the World Tour on Expert Drums (I just started) and I'm playing the Guitar Hero Metallica Demo. I have only played each of these songs 1 time when I took these pics, I will update with new better scores soon. :D

Yes, I can play Expert Guitar, Bass AND Drums. I am working on Expert vocals but I suck at singing... I wont lie. heh I plan on mastering all 3 instruments on Metallica for tournaments to ensure that once I get a team assembled that we are able to interchange on songs for optimal performance. That way if my drummer is better at a certain song on guitar than me we can swap. This has worked well in prior tournaments for Rock Band. :D

I have also had the chance to try GH: Metallica on Expert drums and I'm proud to say I can complete songs with the double bass! I can't wait to show everyone how much I've improved. :D

Yes... again apparently people are claiming to be better than me. I don't mind if you think you're better, all I can say is can you back it up?

Funny how WCG Ultimate Gamer is a magnet to cocky gamers all over the world who say they can beat us, we suck, so on. I even read in a blog today where one person had the nerve to say "Jamal was even driving the wrong way on the 3rd lap!" Wow people!

FYI- Since PGR4 was this weeks game I'll briefly touch base on that. In ANY racing game where you're going for your best lap mistakes are crucial to your time. If you are ... lets say 2/4 laps in and in the final turn just before you cross the line for lap 3 you hit the wall. The correct thing to do is to STOP, TURN AROUND and drive in the wrong direction a ways back to build up your speed. Ideally you want to be going 80-100 mph depending which Racing game you're playing and what track you're on. By reversing you gain speed and cross the line starting fresh at 0 with an mph of 80-100 instead of spending the first 10th of the track gaining speed starting at 30-40mph after a massive hit. If YOU think you're good at racing games you should know this. "Burning laps" (for example) don't rank you based on if you're 1st 2nd 3rd etc crossing the line, but on your fastest lap time. In WCG Ultimate Gamer, fastest lap time is all that mattered. So again, you think you're better than us? Zophar321 and I openly challenge all competitors to Burnout, PGR4, NFS, and Forza 2. Don't talk unless you can back it up.

Someone recently also had the balls (figeratively of course) to say my gaming resume was "padded". I couldn't help but laugh. Here's why.

When I did wcg ultimate gamer I was ranked 5th. I was above 90% of the people until I came back from the show to find my ranking fell to 10th. STILL AWESOME. Anyways since then I had become really good at the drums and moved onto that. I still play guitar but got a sneak peek at GH: Metallica and was hooked. I've been practicing for that and am saving my time for that game. :D

Anywho, I have enough GH wins under my belt to where I could say I'm the best female GH player of all time if I want... but I don't because I'm not a b--- like that. I gladly challenge anyone who dares to say they're better than me to GH:Metallica straight out of the box. You pick ANY song you want on guitar. :D That's how confident I am. Activision was confident enough to bet consoles on me... How confident are you? I dare any GH pro to put something they actually care about on the line against me. See how confident you are then.

As far as rankings go. People think just cuz they're in the top of that they're the best. While there are top gamers on there (priest, wolfe, witwix, lo7) there are people on xbl that have #1 rankings that are "unkowns". XBL rankings mean more to me than rankings. When I play a song and see my name at 3rd on XBL and supposedly 20 ppl say they have a better score than me on I call B.S. score modifers. While I don't update my scores these days (It's called being smart! I'll explain why below) I still play, and am still 100%ing scores just like last year. :D My last national tournament I claimed 3rd and it was on gamespot tourament tv for verification. Don't be jealous because ppl are talking to me more than you about Guitar Hero, hell I'd rather NOT talk about it personally, It's more than about being #1 girl though. THAT'S not why they're interested in me. Soon you will stop taking this personally and realize it's personality they love.... not necessarily just my skill. Think about it... why don't we see more of witwix? He's a great guy, but people don't talk about him too much since it's hard to remember him. If you are just like everyone else, noone will remember you. Not trying to be mean, it's true. Why don't people remember JD on WCG Ultimate Gamer yet they remember "crazy eyes" aka Prod1gy? He's unique. :D

Also, I am not with a team. Why you ask? (I've been asked in many interviews) One... I don't care for teams too much since they discourage players from playing multiple teams and from being open minded and have free speech. I'd rather be without a team then signed to a team to be pro at one game then never win any tournaments for the game they signed me for and only win in other games, or be forced to focus on one game. Most ppl dont know I started competing on UT and Quake and competed in DDR tournies starting in 99. If I got signed for GH but only won DDR tournies, I'd like to think my team wouldn't be happy since they are spending money promoting me as the 'guitar hero master'. I like being on my own since I can manage my own schedule, gain my own sponsors and deal with press as I please.(except now press deals with sci fis pr team... thank you sci fi!) Teams like MoB have offered me a contract but want me exclusively for RB and Guitar Hero. While I love both games I play them FOR FUN. Yes... I'm good at the game (pretty damn good actually) I LOVE to rock out while playing. Showmanship tournies are my love. I love performing in front of a crowd and FOR them. Anyone can stare at a screen but do you have personality? I'm sick of GH and RB zombies. Who the hell wants to watch them both stare at a screen for 5-10 minutes? Really? Hell I hate to do it... so I compete when bored, or challenged, other then that it's entirely for fun.

Going back to why I don't update my scores. My cell phone, personal photobucket and email are FULL with over 200 pictures from rock band and score hero of my updated scores. I have all scores archived and saved in an easy to read list much like scorehero. Why don't I update my actual scorehero list? What WCG Ultimate Gamer has tought me is people like to do research. Last year I actually had WCG competitors ask me to wait on the song selection screen while they went and looked up my scorehero scores. Challengers would then pick the song I had the worst score on when compared to them. While this is stretegic, it's also kind of pathetic. I prefer heads up... true skill, not... "I'm going to pick Raining Blood cuz I'm better than you by 40k and I memorized the star path" because I'm going to go off and go "I'm picking One because I feel like it". In the real world it's all heads up... you can't call time out to go google someones name and skills. Yeah, so in order not to show my strengths and weaknesses in songs I'm keeping it all archived til WCG is over. :D Go ahead and try to base my skill off my old scores, you'll be surprised at my improvement in the past 3 months. After learning that the teammates in the house had done research on me before the show, I have learned to keep my achievements in gaming to myself to a certain extent. :)

Also, all my tournament wins have been acknowledged and confirmed. I have no reason to lie and can prove all my skills. I get attention for my personality and skill... my charity work and cosplay. All good reasons. I'm an ALL AROUND GAMER, not a Guitar Hero queen, hence why I actually try to steer away from talking about guitar hero too much. I am a master of RHYTHM games. 10 years experience and noone can take me out on drummania, beatmania, guitarfreaks, ddr, rock band, guitar hero, and Rock Revolution overall. You may beat me at a song here and there on one or two of those but overall I'll beat you over and over. I do not focus my skills on one region, because I have many skills that should thrive and not be confined. Last year my GH skills got me even MORE attention than I expected, which was cool, but people have lost sight with the fact that I'm a GAMER not a Guitar Hero. Please keep this in mind. WCG Ultimate Gamer was the beginning... next is SGC and Guinness world records with Prod1gyX. ;)

Next week on WCG Ultimate Gamer is DDR. To celebrate, I am going to throw out an open challenge to all gamers. You think you have game? Come challenge me at Arcade Infinity. There's over 10 different kind of rhythm games there from DDR to ParaPara Paradise to DJ MAX Technika and more and I will own you in all of them. Typing of the dead? No problem... in Japanese? Even better! House of the Dead, Initial D3... let me pull out my Initial D card! I will win in all of them... why? Because it's what I do. Arcade games are def. my strongest point. 1998-2006 I went to Gameworks Arcade in Auburn Hills 2-5 days a week. Ask THEM about my skills. :D

Not trying to be a cocky jerk, but when people who don't know me write big long blogs about how I am "padding" my resume. I just have to say this. "Where's your gamer resume?" shall we sit and compare? How about one step better... I'll just say this instead... "See all of you who dare to challenge me at SGC 2009. GAME ON!"

Due to the fact that TOO many people read my blogs and criticize me for what I write and even blog about how I am "picking on them" just by mentioning how well or bad they did in a tournament I attended, I have moved all my blogs to a personal site not to be given out, and am starting over on a public blog.

Recently I have noticed since the airing of the show that there are many haters arising from all over talking crap about someone they don't know personally. Frankly, I welcome all of you haters. Thanks to the haters they have posted public blogs, wrote in forums or even posted on their own personal website which is supposed to be about their "image of hard work and dedication" but instead is about them calling out people on challenging their rank on a website or in turn talking crap about the person that is saying things about them. WTF? Yeah I know can you say hypocrite? These people draw MORE attention to me therefore making people curious as to if it's true. These people then meet me at events and realize I'm a totally cool person and that person who wrote the things was just jealous. So yeah, keep it up haters... love you all for the promotion you give me. :D

For the NON haters, you have all noticed I am on WCG Ultimate Gamer. This show IS in fact done taping. We taped it last year at which point I was in the #5 slot in the rankings for Guitar Hero. You'll also noticed that since the show I haven't updated any scores or even played the game. Why? Well that's because I have better things to do. Guitar Hero World Tour is by far the easiest Guitar Hero out to date. After filming the show I FCed another 20 songs and have saved the info, but do not feel the need to update my scores at this time. :D I am a very talented player at many games. With the new gaming season starting I have decided it's time to go back to my roots and go back to playing in multiple genres like I used to.

In the past I have won tournaments for Dance Dance Revolution, Need for Speed, Guitar Hero, Soul Calibur, Fight Night, Tekken and more. Last year I competed exclusively in Guitar Hero tournaments only making my list of possible sponsors very small. This year I have decided I will still play Guitar Hero but am waiting until Metallica's release. I have already had the honor of playing the game at Activision and am VERY impressed with what I've seen. I have spent the past 4 months practicing Expert drums on Rock Band 2 and World Tour and am proud to say I can complete songs on Metallica on Expert+ ! You can all expect to see me dominating the leaderboards upon release on Guitar, Bass and Expert+ Drums. :D

Also with my new deal with Tritton to be their spokesmodel, they are helping me to expand on the genres I play by helping me get to tournaments of all sorts. This year they are helping me get to SCG 2009 where I will compete in the Iron Man of Gaming. Last year Jamal from WCG came in the top 3 and I will be there to challenge him. The games range from all genres to all platforms across the past 20 or so years. This is what I've been training for. I got a GameFly account as soon as I got back from filming the reality show to practice every game I have never previously had a chance to touch. Expect to see me at more tournaments like this as I become the best and most well known ALL AROUND GAMER that the world has ever seen. This is my goal for 2009... and I gladly appreciate any help that I can get from you guys on this. If you have a game that you do exceptionally well at, hit me up on XBox Live and train with me. Give me your tips and tricks and I will exchange with you what I know on the games you'd like to get better at. :D

Thanks for the love from the fans... and even you haters... Love you all!