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Here's what I was up to the other day when I was online. I am mostly going back and trying to complete the World Tour on Expert Drums (I just started) and I'm playing the Guitar Hero Metallica Demo. I have only played each of these songs 1 time when I took these pics, I will update with new better scores soon. :D

Yes, I can play Expert Guitar, Bass AND Drums. I am working on Expert vocals but I suck at singing... I wont lie. heh I plan on mastering all 3 instruments on Metallica for tournaments to ensure that once I get a team assembled that we are able to interchange on songs for optimal performance. That way if my drummer is better at a certain song on guitar than me we can swap. This has worked well in prior tournaments for Rock Band. :D

I have also had the chance to try GH: Metallica on Expert drums and I'm proud to say I can complete songs with the double bass! I can't wait to show everyone how much I've improved. :D


That is awesome! I love playing drums but I admit that Metallica drums make me cry. LOL

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