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Oh my gosh. So you guys have been noticing that basically since Mike bought me BlazBlue it hasn't really come out of my xbox right? Well I'm totally OBSESSING over this game. After being told "BlazBlue is stupid, don't waste your time or money" and "Street Fighter is WAY better don't get BlazBlue" and so on I decided I'd just get it anyways. After a few days of putting it off Mike came over and said "I have a surprise for you!" He showed me what it was... and it was BlazBlue for the 360. Pronounced "BLAZE BLUE" this game is a 2D Anime style fighting game with a GREAT story line, a combo based fighting system and great characters... the game is absolutely beautiful to look at and amazing and fun to play.
I really suck at describing this game... nothing I can say will do it justice so I'll just include a video to show you a bit of the game so you can see what I'm talking about before I start my rant on the game and why you should be playing it.

First video: The characters of BlazBlue

I play as NOEL. Here's a vid showing why I love to use her!

Ok now that you've seen a bit of the game now I'll start my rant of why I love this game. Here's some of the many great features.

- If you love anime you'll love this! Anime style characters and storyline FTW!

- If you like Street Fighter you'll love that this is another 2D game. No sidestepping here!

- If you are a combo whore you'll love this game... While combos aren't necessary they definitely are a big factor in this game

- Player matches are set up like a virtual arcade. You can do a private match with a friend or join a room in progress and watch matches while waiting your turn in a virtual line... wait your turn to face the ranking champion... can you stop their win streak by learning from others mistakes?

- RUB IT IN! Yeah once you beat someone you get a few extra seconds to unleash hell on their dead ass... I mean come on... I got an achievement for doing a 20 hit combo after the guy was dead... they encourage it, it's not mean!

- Ranked matches can be sorted to local area or all areas making it so that if you put "LOCAL" you have a higher chance to play against your friends or that guy that whooped your ass at the arcade the other day. Can you say revenge?

- User friendly buttons. There's only 4, A, B, C, and D. The moves are all pretty basic and go from Forward A to Fireball motions and A, B, C etc. The Distortion Drive moves are basically two Street Fighter Fireball motions and the D button for many characters. No move is incredibly hard... but using the right combination is Key!

- BARRIERS! YES! Not only can you block by holding back, but you have a Barrier to help protect you in the air and from devastating combos, although be careful.... it DOES run out! The best thing about the barrier is that it can be Burst so if you're getting beat down you can hit all 4 buttons, do a barrier burst and push your opponent to the other side of the screen giving you time to strategize and make a comeback.

- All ranked and player matches have the option to save the match after. This helps to learn from your mistakes, gives you an idea of how the top players use their character (since their top matches are automatically saved and viewable from the leaderboards) and it makes for better quality uploads to youtube so you don't hear all the button mashing and screaming "JUST DIE ALREADY!" in the background. :D

- Amazing Distortion Drive Finishes. Basically these moves are much like Ultras in SF4. Some characters DD finishes are much like Zangiefs and can take off over 2/5's of your opponents life, leveling the playing field or potentially saving your ass from death. Basically you use it if it's the 3rd round and your opponent has less than 20% health to assure your victory. They look AMAZING! Here's some vids of Astral Heat Finishes.

Well... I think I've pled my case enough. Basically in just a few days of having the game I've been so addicted I've played over 50 matches and am a level 17 with over 500k points. Think you can take me? Come bring it! You can find me online every night leveling up my Noel and learning how all the characters work. If you want a player match I will do first to 5 or first to 10 matches. :D I may be a noob to this game... but I am no scrub! :D I am willing to help anyone who wants to learn the Noel match up vs your character. I use her pretty well and will give you tips on how to beat her if you ask nicely. :D And YES, if I beat you badly and you want to take it out on me in Street Fighter 4 then I will play a few matches if it makes you feel better. :D


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