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As you read in my blog a while back I ended LOSF's Street Fighter 4 tournament in 4th place.I made quite a few crucial mistakes that left me open for hits from her Bison making me lose on rounds when I was far ahead at first.

This was my second Street Fighter tournament ever, and while I normally wait 1 year after playing a game to enter any tournaments for the game I decided to start competing after only a couple months of play time.

As most of you know I'm new to Street Fighter in general so Street Fighter 4 is my first SF game and I'm trying hard to learn this game. There's a lot of aspects to this game I haven't even touched base on yet but I'm still happy with my performance in LOSF overall. I'm still happy with this match since Stacy is a long time Street Fighter player and is at the arcade practicing every day and she used Bison which is one of the characters I've been having problems with lately since no one really uses that character so I don't get to practice the match up much.

I'm not going to youtube anymore to read messages on this video since I now have access to the video through my blog, so any comments pertaining to tips to help me with this match up should be sent to @StarSlay3rGames on twitter. Thank you for those who sent me tips on helping with this match as well as general Street Fighter tips... I appreciate the help.


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