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Ok guys, you wanted to know so here it is... THIS is how serious I am about this whole SF4 thing...

I am OFFICIALLY retiring from Guitar Hero. I may play for fun here and there but I WILL NOT be competing anymore. I will NOT be competing in the World Cyber Games for 2009 (I will forfeit every match for the 5 weeks I signed up) and I WILL NOT be attending any tournaments exclusively for this game. I WILL NOT be practicing for this year as I am dedicating all of my free time to getting better at Street Fighter IV.

Gootecks ( has a dream and I want to be there to help him with it. I really believe that I have to potential to go really far with this game and I hope that you all will stand by my side as I go from Scrub status to Pro status. I don't care how long it takes, I will play 40+hours a week every week until I am ranking top 8 locally then I want to go into overdrive mode playing 60+hours a week.

To help make this happen I am getting rid of my Guitar Hero items to help so I can get some top of the line Street Fighter equipment and to help get me to Evo this year. I will be selling my GH3 wireless les paul, my Guitar Hero 3 Wired Les paul (rare find) with the Gamespot rocktacular tournament skin from my 3rd place victory on their Tournament TV show, some StarSlay3r skinned Explorer wired controller as well as my Astro Guitar Hero case (holds 2 guitars), my soft guitar hero coffin case bag, and lastly... my guitar hero HARD coffin case. YES I'm selling it all, if you want it autographed or want an autographed picture with it I can do that. :D I have posted some pics in my twit pic album if you want to see my Gamespot Rocktacular guitar and Coffin Case along with the Astro case.

I hope to show the world that I am VERY serious about this... I hope to gain enough attention to actually get some supporters and companies to have my back on this. I NEED to get good at this game... well not good but REALLY GOOD. I mean seriously I've got to catch up to guys who already have over 500+ hours logged and have completed over 1000 online matches. I have a LOT of catching up to do, and I KNOW I can do this. I have faith in myself and gootecks has faith in me. He is helping me train and is taking the time out of his busy schedule for me which should show you all that he knows I have potential. My goal is 6 months to start being the top female as well as ranking high with males as well. This is just a goal, but I think it's a reasonable one.

Goodbye Guitar Hero... Hello Street Fighter IV. "Street Fighter Will Change Your Life" he said... is he right? It was destiny that gootecks and I met that day... and I am forever in your debt gootecks... I will make you proud... I will practice my ass off... and I WILL be whooping ass in Street Fighter IV before you know it!

Today I went to a Street Fighter IV tournament at Arcade Infinity (not my first) but I started comparing GH tournies to SF tournies and I'm amazed at the differences. SF4 is very underground and guitar hero is so mainstream... the people that exceed in guitar hero get very little respect and no one is chanting out their name at tournaments or screaming for them when they hit a star phrase or nail a solo... because no one really cares. Street Fighter IV is a game of skill, mind games, and the crowd LOVES IT! I have never seen people watching a game get so into the match that they screamed, yelled, swore, jumped around, high fived and the like... it was amazing to see people get so pumped up. I really think that Street Fighter is THE game that should make everyone drop whatever they're doing and play... this game is amazing. Click HERE to see/ hear what a Street Fighter Tournament is like... AMAZING I tell you!

I just hope that in the end this is the right choice. I trust gootecks entirely and leave my gaming career in his hands... I will do everything in my power to succeed at this but ultimately I need his help and support in this... so please ... don't let me down boy, and I promise the same.


Pretty devoted there. I hear Street Fighter 4 is a fab-tabulous game :) Too bad it doesn't come out on the PC till September :-\.

I wish you the best of luck though! And have exciting times at the SF4 tournaments, they are the best :).

Good luck in SF4 and gave fun. :)

Hello, I got here from gooteck's twitter account.

You basically described most of why I play street fighter. The hype! I love getting hyped or people getting hyped for my matches. I'm pretty scrubby too at the moment but I am very ambitious, unfortunately I'm coming from the east coast and I'm limited to hanging with the SFIV community to only one or two days a week.

Wow. Good luck, I'm sure you'll be successful. My only recommendation is that you keep one or two of your "coolest" GH pieces simply for nostalgia's sake. Of course, I'm a sentimental old bastage, so YMMV.

If you want to see how hype Street Fighter can get, try this classic video:

I've played with Gootecks for years- you're definitely in good hands. Good luck!

I think that you are making a good choice, and I hope that you get really good and beat everyone!!! :)

That is exciting, I'm sure you can do it! Are you going to stay "StarSlay3r"? Have fun and good luck!

hmm sounds, and looks good
i may just have to pick it up for the ps2

Good luck with that. I'm definitely a scrub myself but I love playing with my friends.

I can certainly understand the "pro gamer" side of this, you're craving for actual acknowledgment of your gamer skills by playing a game that is a bit more on the "elite" side of things, yet, if you intend of living of your skills one day, I can't explain to myself this decision to let it (Rythm games) all go in your current situation.

You're just off an international TV show that will bring the spotlight to you in the years to come, you "kind of" were the hot topic in this show, bringing in a lot of fans to you and probably a lot of little girls looking up to you who can identify to your "geeky yet way out there" kind of attitude, playing a game that is really getting mainstream these days, and kicking butt at it.

Sponsors, in this situation, will come (didn't they already came a bit?) and you could really build yourself quite an online presence (as you seem to already do) from this little stint on national TV that would lead, litteraly, to a "rock star" status eventually. You just need a little patience (and maybe some coaching?). Yet, you let it "all" go?...

I support you in your decision, I can certainly see the reasons behind it... but since you mentions somewhere in there that you would like to have more time to devote to playing (by not being dependant on a "job" to survive), I think you're letting go a golden opportunity to do that here... an opportunity not a lot of people have in their life (and that's including some of the other contestants on this show... YOU were the hot topic as I was saying... )

Still, I wish you the best in your future endeavor!

don't do it starslayer you were the one who made me believe in truth and love

-geoff "THE HERO" mendicino

SF4 is cooler than GH anyway. (;

I'm rooting for ya, girl!

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