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I'm extremely excited with everything that's been happening lately. After a big let down from finding out gootecks isn't really that motivated to help me do well anymore (he's too busy doing his own things it's ok) I have a lot of support from the nations top players keeping me motivated to keep going.

I noticed that more and more lately because of this tv show people are coming from all over the place challenging me. On my youtube I get comments "I could take you!" and all this. The only game I really played competitively lately was Guitar Hero. DDR I play for fun so... yeah if you can get AAA on Expert... that's awesome! I play once a week or so! haha I mean really, you guys are taking the fun out of the game. WCG Ultimate Gamer is just a tv show... and while I'm a competitive person I play 90% of the games that I do FOR FUN, but I just happen to be at a high level for them.

Moving on... The SRK guys seem to be my biggest haters. While I regret posting my original message to them (thinking they'd welcome me) it seems as though they ALL focus on things that I say and turn them around to make it out like I'm just "another girl looking for attention" when in fact I'm just "another player looking for help and guidance from the more advanced players". Luckily the people that matter (the people who actually play SFIV and WIN) have been keeping in touch with me offering their help, so it's not an entire loss.

Encouraging words:

When I first met Mike Ross at Arcade Infinity: "Are you that Star girl? I read about your progress, you go girl! Ignore the SRK guys, you go for it, you make top 8... you do what you gotta do!" Also "I'm glad we got to link up too because I really want you to excel in SFIV :)" Thanks for the support Mike... I'm amazed at your talent and I'll continue to watch and support you! You rock!

Justin Wong after I told him I'm trying to get good at Street Fighter IV and saying he should stop by AI if he's in LA: "I been to arcade infinity before. haha sf4 is the best game ever. maybe ill show u a thing or two online if nething if you like " Thanks for offering me some help Justin! You're definitely someone I'd LOVE to get a few tips from!!!

Jack aka Jack Daniels: "Once I train with you and combine everything I know with the knowledge of the other 2 top Sagat players you will be one sick ass Sagat player. You will be the 4th Sagat player of SoCal!" After seeing Jack play and dominate at AI I know that he can help me with my character!

Many of the players at Arcade Infinity are also saying things along the lines of "We want to help you be great at this game... we can see you're serious about this and it's awesome!"

From ALLDAY: "Hey Ciji. My friends and I run the 3rd largest Fighting game Tourney in the US. Lets get you trained up so you can kick some ass. Your friends list if full as is mine, so I've deleted a space for you. We are serious here about helping you become the first world class female SF player."

:D Thanks to all the friends who are helping. I know I need all the help I can get... but I'm going to keep practicing, keep training, and keep on attending events like last nights tournament to see how you guys do it!

Last night, by the way... WAS AMAZING! By last night I mean the Street Fighter IV tournament at Nucleus (above) in Alhambra. I told Joel Gourdin (the host of WCG Ultimate Gamer) about the show and he stopped by and checked it out. Luckily I actually got a pic WITH him (right) this time instead OF him. hehe yay!

Going back to the actual event though...Oh my gosh! I twittered about it the whole time but I wish I could have written an article on it or something. Unfortunately Mike Ross got knocked out his 3rd match by Mike Watson. (left) Combofiend came in third, the well known Mike Watson came in 2nd and Kai came in 1st. The battle between Kai's El Fuerte and Mike Watson's Chun-Li (right) was amazing... back and forth back and forth 1-1 2-2 3-3 then FINALLY it was the final match... literally (---) health left and all it'd take is a two hit combo from either player. Mike Watson messed up and Kai took advantage of it winning... the crowd went WILD and the energy in Nucleus was just awesome. I really love the energy at Street Fighter Events... I just hope that one day I'll have people screaming like that for me. I know I have a long way to go... but I'm going to keep practicing my ass off to get there!

The artwork at Nucleus was also bad ass. There was a lot of amazing pieces that I wish I could have got my hands on but I unfortunately was in no situation to dish out that kind of cash. $$$ I need to save up that money for tournaments and events this year! There was also a cosplay contest of which I have no Idea who won going on. I think the best costume however was a girl who dressed up as C.Viper (left).. she had the most accurate outfit/accessories/overall look. There were WAAAAY too many Chun-Lis walking around. I think she is BY FAR the most cosplayed character of any video game. heh
It was good to see some guys getting into the Cosplay too! I saw most of the male characters from SFIV represented even El Fuerte! No cooking hat though, just the normal luchadore mask.


Keep it up and don't get discouraged over jack asses with lil e-peens who like nothing more than to degrade women who play games. Admittedly, I am one of the people who has wanted to play you in SFIV, not because I think I could take you, but because I wanted to see how good I am against a top video game player, even if you are just picking up this game. Honestly, I would expect to get my ass handed me, but then again, I play for fun.

However, don't give up and show the boys how it's done. Even though I'm not a top player, more like bottom of the barrel, you have my support.

BTW, would still love that match. GT:Slinky826

Recieving encouragement from these guys is inspiring stuff! I'm excited for you! Nucleus looked like fun times. The artwork there does look pretty awesome. You should post more pics of them if you have any.

#1 rule of SRK: lurk first.

I just got to see the NBA episode, and seeing your dedication in a totally new game there, I'm actually pretty convinced you could do well in SF4 if you put your heart into it.

There's really two main aspects, IMO, to SF4, and to most fighting games: Fundamentals and Strategy. I glob all the system/technical stuff together as fundamentals- zoning, footsies, links, BnBs, stuff like that. For a lot of players that's actually the hard part, particularly in SF4 which, as you will soon find, has a really archaic system of input rules that are completely unlike any other fighting game. (Also one of which Capcom likes to never fully explain, which is why your ties with local gamers will now be more important then ever.) This is the part where coffee and all nighters will come into play. I'm a fairly recent 2D convert myself, so I can speak from experience on that.

Stratgey is the other hurdle that is going to be either ridiculously hard or easy depending solely upon how your brain works and how quickly you're able to adjust yourself to new things and, more importantly, new opponents. Adaptability is EVERYTHING in a fighting game, your going to be fighting players that take the game engine to every extreme - there will be textbook play, players that try to turn every match into a combo video instead of reading what you're doing, gimmicks, wild cards, every sort of interpretation of how SF4 "should" be played imaginable. Your success is solely dependent upon figuring out how they "think" the game should be played, and outplaying them. To succeed here, you're gonna need two big helpings of experience to figure out what each character is both capable of and wants to do, and two even bigger helpings of creativity to figure out how to beat that and still do what you want to do.

Hope you're gleaning something from that. I wish we could play but I am almost 90% positive that a Detroit to LA connection would be shite, and if your going to AI, that's all the experience you need and should be getting anyways. Good luck!

Lol, definitely do ignore the trolls of SRK.

The ones that are mature and do think straight are the ones that are giving you support.

Shame Goots seems to have stopped/backed out on training you out. Just keep your head up and go make that first place finish!!! :D

Lol, I'm a baddie. I forgot if I said to ignore the trolls on SRK, lol. But if I didn't, ignore them.

They are most likely the ones that can't get it into their heads that there is a possibility that girl gamers exist and that they might actually be good.

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