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I was very excited when I checked my inbox today. I saw a message from a DM at Starlight. I hope they're ok with me posting this... I was (still am) Very excited about the email and wanted to share it. I'm glad that they appreciate my help and I hope that I can help them in a much bigger way in the future. If you haven't already heard about what I'm currently up to with starlight please read my previous blog. Thank you!

Dear Ciji,

I wanted to take some time to introduce myself to you as I am new at Starlight Children’s Foundation. I was looking over all of our wonderful FirstGiving volunteer fundraisers and am simply astonished that so many wonderful people like you have volunteered to help!

I see that you started your page on 4/28/2009 and have set an ambitious goal of $5,000! AND you have already raised an impressive amount of donations! And may I just say that your page is fantastic. I love how you speak about Starlight. Your passion for the project really comes through; it is inspiring even for those of us who work here!

Thank you for volunteering for an organization as worthwhile as Starlight Children’s Foundation, your work truly makes an indelible impact on the lives of seriously ill children and their families.

Looking forward to working with you in the future…..


^_^/b Even though this is your achievement, I still feel happy and tingly inside. Keep on rockin!

I'm totally happy to have been able to help Ciji :)

Awwwww that's cool.
It was about time that you got some appreciation for all the good work you do :)

Hey Ciji,

Awesome to hear what you are doing for starlight.

Have 2 things for you, first I wanted your opinion on this site I'd like to test games as kind of a supplemental income but this site seems to good to be true. Which usually means it is. Second, I thought you might be interested in this

Its one of my favorite bands using a guitar hero controller in concert. Good luck with SFIV.


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