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Gootecks is not and has NEVER trained me... he basically didn't like the fact I sought help from other people and has since told people to stop helping me so I am not associating myself with him anymore.

I AM being trained by Combo Jack and Mike Ross... they are where I get the strength to keep playing... I owe them both A LOT. Thank you guys for being so awesome... you are TRUE gamers with TRUE skill and a passion for this game. It's nice to get helped by someone who truly loves the game and isn't just looking to get popular off it. :D

I'll keep everyone updated on how my progress goes with these two. They've already been playing matches with me online and teaching me what they know one step at a time and I'm just taking it all in and doing Championship mode online as much as possible. I want to play online ranked matches to get those damn achievements (win 50 win 100 etc) but I want to do well in Championship mode as well and think that's more important. :D

I've only played about 15 championship matches online so far and am a G3-C BLAH! I don't remember how many GP points exactly right now but have about1200 cp points (for now until my next match lol) But I'm beating people with over 1000+ GP which I think is saying a lot. I also am noticing these people have 100+ to 500+ Wins in their achievements. I'm trying not to base anything off the achievements however because you can easily do player matches with a friend to get the 100 wins or whatever. :p LAME! I want all my wins to be legit when I get those achievements!

Well yeah I'm practicing a lot. My first Street Fighter IV tournament is at SCG's Ironman of Gaming although I will be attending other gaming events like EVO to support Justin Wong, Mike Ross, Combo Jack and others. :D


hi. if you want to get in some practice for sf4 let me know. my name is locoleethax on xbox live. if you don't have the 360 then if you have any sf4 questions i'll probably know the answer. i didn't know how often you check myspace so i'm just posting here to leave a secondary message.

anyway, good luck in sf4. i hope you have great success

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